Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I have found the blog I've been searching for today!!

 Blog has been a challenge  to create but so worth it!!

Tuesday September 2, 2014

By checking out a Stampin' Up! fellow Boot Camper's  blog,Angelic Fletcher,  I finally found the dashboard of my own blog!  I've been working all week to try to figure out how to use my blog lovetostampwithvicki.blogspot.com by using the book "Beginner Google Blogger" to guide me.  My computer screen didn't look anything like the examples in the book.  I was supposed to see dashboard in right upper corner and I explored everything on my site and could not find the dashboard!  According to the book the dashboard is how you access all the features of your blog!  So now I can finally share my love of stamping with all of you!  Welcome!  I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and would like to be your personal coach to help you learn to love stamping with me, Vicki!  I will keep you posted (no pun intended) as my blog develops.  One thing I learned this week is PATIENCE!

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